Bartek Bilejczyk

Juggling is great !

Juggling is exercise for the body and the brain. Find out 7 reasons why it is worth to juggle.

1. You exercise your brain.
Research showed that juggling changes - enhances the grey matter in your brain. On the whole, jugglers have more grey matter, mainly in parts responsible for processing. But that's not everything. In 2009 Jan Scholz and his co-workers from University of Oxford have found out that juggling is also beneficial for the white matter in the brain. White matter consists mainly of axons and the part of the brain which developed really abruptly was parietal lobe. Parietal lobe is involved in transforming what you see to how you move. Moreover, juggling makes connections between nerve cells stronger. You've probably heard about left and right hemispheres. In out schools and in our lives as a whole, we tend to focus only on the left hemisphere, the one which is logical, responsible for numbers, linearity and sequence. Juggling develops mainly the right hemisphere, which is responsible for spatial awareness, creativity, imagination and holistic awareness. But that's not everything about the brain. If you read further, you'll find out that there are many other benefits.

2. You activate the true potential in yourself!
Your imagination, creativity and abstract thinking improve. I'm not a genius after more than a year of juggling - nope, but I see the difference and that's what really matters. Sometimes to learn some juggling tricks you have to sit down for a minute, process information, imagine how to perform the next move and then juggle. Your brain is so happy then. You don't even how how many new connections, strong connections are being created.

What's also really important, is that you start thinking differently. You develop new habits that you couldn't see before and what's even more important - after you've learnt some patterns, they all become quite similar and linked and when you make connections between tricks and try to combine them, your brain is like a bulb connected to the socket. It's shines like crazy !

3. You improve your concentration.
It's not an overnight process - but it keeps getting better and better thanks to regular juggling. Trust me, when you learn a new trick and something comes to your mind, it's highly probable that a ball will fall to the ground. After learning a lot of new motions and new tricks, I can tell you that the balls still fall to the ground - it's normal - but thoughts wait for their turn longer - they have a blockade, which is not so easy to overcome.

Maybe you'll ask - 'How can I concentrate while doing homework or before learning or before business meeting?' There are many ways like controlled breathing and listening to the beating of your heart - but there's also JUGGLING. Just juggle Cascade for a minute or two. And then you'll be able to transform this juggling concentration to the process that you have to do.

4. You learn to be patient and persistent.
And this is important in everything you do. In everything new you do to be more precise, before you get good in it and becomes a habit or you even become a master in it. Why? Because if you learn juggling, you will be picking up balls more times than you can imagine. For me, I think this number is definitely in thousands, but I didn't count it so I don't know whether. it's 6,000 or 12,000. It's a big number, though. There will be situations when you get angry at the balls, but at some point you just don't see why this would be helpful. And you tranfer this experience to your whole life, to every day situations.

Patience helps with so many of them. Waiting in queues, when somebody does something stupid and you waste your time, when you just have to wait for something, like for the exam's results. I'm sure you can think of situations where this is really useful. What about persistence? Of course it doesn't work when you stop after 3-4 tricks and say 'Nope, it's not for me'. But trust me, every trick can be split into simple steps (and in most of my video tutorials you will find those steps) and when you try to learn new tricks and overcome barriers, you just become more persistent naturally.

5. You become SOMEONE!
Ask yourself a question - 'How many people juggle?' or 'How many of my friends, colleagues juggle?' The number is not so big when put in percent right? When you meet new people - they will remember you more quickly because you do something unusual. People will be amazed by what you can do! What's more, you can even show your friends new tricks, you can show them that juggling is great and really interesting. You can tell them about all of these things I write here and it's possible that you will juggle together. It's not a secret that learning together is a great method !

6. You relax and forget about problems.
Of course this only works when you can juggle quite smoothly (even only Cascade). You focus then on juggling and forget about other things - you do something which could be called a 'mental reset'. Think about it - you relax, you develop your brain and your eyesight. This is really beneficial!

7. For the last point I reserved the fact that juggling broadens your eyesight.
Juggling is really useful for other fields of personal development such as speed reading. In order to read faster you have to concentrate better, you need broader eyesight - juggling is a great tool here! What about other aspects? Well, you can do a lot of things with both your left and right hand. You can learn to write with both hands, why not? I will mention here something connected with brain as well.

As you see, juggling is really great, there are many benefits waiting for you. Juggling makes a lot of changes in your brain and in your life. However, these changes to the brain are not permanent. When people stop juggling, their connections after a few months become less strong and motor skills become a little bit worse.

Take up juggling. My website will help you with it. If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask, write to me. And if you do take it up, don't stop - juggle from time to time - who knows - maybe it will become your passion and a way to develop as well as relax in your spare time!

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