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Hey, I’m glad you’re here and you want to learn juggling. Cascade is the most basic juggling trick. It’s great for beginner jugglers. You can watch the videotutorial or see the prescriptions and steps I provide here. It’s your choice. Anyway, I believe that one should start juggling from this trick, from this simple pattern.

It would be great if you knew how to juggle 2 balls, which I learn in another article (learn 2-ball juggling), but if you don’t, you can start your adventure with juggling with this video because I show some two-ball exercises as well.

So, time for concrete steps – there will be six of them. After that and couple of hours of learning and practicing you should be able to juggle without problems and you will be ready to set off to explore other juggling tricks.

1. Throwing the ball from one hand to another. You just have to simply toss the ball at your forehead’s height. Focus on good height and relaxed moves. When it comes to balls, see my article about balls. You can also buy them thanks to my Partner – jugglewear.com.
2. Throwing two balls alternately – one after another. Hold one ball in each hand. Toss the first ball and when it reaches its peak, you should toss the second one. Every toss is made from inside to outside. Remember about not panicking and relaxed moves. These first two steps are really, really important, I would say essential.
3. Now you have to add the next juggling move. Just toss the first ball again, you should end up with two balls in one hand. To sum up, you make three tosses.
4. All right, time for fourth toss. So now every ball is tossed twice, right? You should end up with one ball in each hand if you start in the same position.
5. If you got the previous steps and feel comfortable with juggling 2 balls, it’s time for some steps with three balls. Do three tosses and catch the balls. Every toss is done from inside to outside.
6. Now try to make more throws, more tosses. Four, five, etc. I was learning Cascade for 3-4 days and I was juggling for 1 hour a day. But some people get it after 1 hour, some people have to practice for a whole week. Anyway, every person can do it and so can you. Just be persistent and pick up the balls every time they fall.

For more juggling tricks, please visit the LIST OF TRICKS, there is more than 100 of them there. I’m sure you will be able to find something for yourself. The tricks are arranged with increasing difficulty. There are 3-ball juggling tricks, 4-ball juggling tricks and juggling tricks for 1 diabolo.

I hope this website will be useful for you and you’ll come back when you want to learn something new.

Bartek from howtojuggle.com.pl

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